Massage Team


Registered Massage Therapist


Sarah has excellent skills in circulation therapy and tendon knot therapy. It will reduce or eliminate pain, and help to treat some symptoms and ailments such as knee edema, swollen breast and thyroid nodules, headache, Fugui bag, pharyngitis, cough and varicose veins,etc. Sarah is good at using facial massage techniques.


Registered Massage Therapist


Sherry is good at the massage to help clients relax, decrease pain levels or increase of range of motion of the body. Sherry has taken additional certified courses Cupping Massage, and Chinese Acupuncture points massage.


Massage Therapist


Jennifer is trained in relaxation therapeutic massage to promote health and wellness for all clients in different walks of life. She strives to incorporate mind, body and spirit to help facilitate clients' active recovery. She is professional on mussle relax and relase pain.


Massage Therapist


Energetic and experienced massage therapist with 5+ years of experience in a dynamic environment. Eager to provide the guests with the most current massage treatments and techniques available while ensuring a comfortable and relaxing spa experience. Possess great physical strength and judgement. Experienced in a wide range of massage healing techniques and methods, including Aromatherapy Massage, Tai Massage, Skin Scrab Turkish Hammam Massage, Classic/Relaxation/Oil/Deep tissue massage, Stone therapy. Always glad to make you happier and healthier!

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian


Massage Therapist


Susan is a professional massage and relaxation therapist. She is very specialized in muscle relaxation and her massage techniques can relax your tired muscles to the maximum extent.


Registered Massage Therapist


Weinihareg is  Canadian graduate therapist who has over five years experience. worked with all age groups 

specialized in swedish massage,  myofascial release, Deep tissue Therapeutic massage, relaxation  massage,  prenatal massage and aroma therapy including 

paraffin wax and hot stone massage . Weini have many positive feed backs from her clients , known as detail orented with effective communication skills.


Massage Therapist


Sam is a foot reflexologist. Reflexology is the application of pressure on specific points that correspond to different organs, glands, and muscles. It has many benefits, including improved circulation, reducing stress, and supporting the body's healing process by promoting rest and repairing and restoring balance.


Massage Therapist


Graduated from U of Manitoba with B.Kin. A.T, possessed with over 3 years of rehabilitation and recovery practical experience. Frequently utilizing massaging techniques including soft tissue release, trigger point release, stretching techniques and fascia stretch therapy on various muscle groups.


Massage Therapist


Certified Massage Therapist in China with 5+ years of experience delivering excellent care to clients. Highly skilled in delivering quality therapeutic massage services to clients with a focus on overall health and wellness.


Massage Therapist


Yuki is a professional massage and relaxation therapist from Taiwan. She specializes in foot massage, body massage and cupping therapy. She has many years of experience in muscle massage relaxation and can fully help you to relieve muscle fatigue.